TURBO CARDS (A Card Mental Magic Trick)


« Magically reveal three selected playing cards! + Train to master a stacked deck! + A great tool for your favorite ACAAN routine! »


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Do you love card magic, but don’t always have a deck of cards on you?
How about a solid magic trick on your phone that you can carry with you everywhere?

With hundreds of feedbacks gathered all around the world, we are glad to announce exciting new features and improvements for you!
Find out what’s new in version 1.1 at the end of the following app description.

TURBO CARDS is a phone application that lets you perform a 3 phases magic trick.
You launch the app and lend your phone to a spectator.
On each phase, the spectator selects a card in a different way; he can even change his selection if he wants to.
Without looking at your phone screen, you’ll be perfectly able to divine which cards he’s thinking of!
You can repeat the trick right away; the 3 selected cards will be different!
No questions asked, no extra electronic device needed and no peeking on the phone.

To master the trick, crystal clear explanations are available within the app in text and video version.
The app works in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish).

But wait, TURBO CARDS is more than a magic trick:
For the serious card magician, there are fun games to train at memorizing your favorite memorized stack of cards:
Train at finding the position of a card in a stack.
Train at finding the card at a random position in a stack.
Train at finding the following card.
Train at finding the previous card.

That’s not all! Train for ACAAN* too!
ACAAN is a popular card trick, but many secret methods require from the magician to do some mental math.
TURBO CARDS features a training module to make sure that you’re ready to perform ACAAN in the real world.

And last but not least, TURBO CARDS offers a special cheat tool: “The ACAAN helper”.
This will let you perform ACAAN with no complex mental calculations during your performance.
Simply bring out your phone and enter the selected card and selected number.
The card and number will be displayed on the phone screen during the course of the trick, so that your audience can keep track of what has been called out.
When you hit a secret area on the screen, “The ACAAN helper” will secretly display what you should do.
Now you can concentrate on your performance, not the math!

Here’s what’s new for you in version 1.1:
- You can now create and use (and train at) your own custom stack!
- Stack training modules now have a "Pass" button to reveal the correct answer!
- You have the choice now between 18 popular stacks!
- Access to the secret is now password protected.
- Some bugs in the ACAAN helper section are now fixed.
- Some bugs in the training modules are now fixed.
- The looping sound in the menu lasts now a few seconds only.

* The ACAAN stands for "Any Card At Any Number”.
The ACAAN is a classic magic effect where a freely named card is found at a freely named position.


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