NUMERALIA (A Mental Magic Trick)


“The most fun and magical way to get someone’s phone number!”


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Numeralia is a great new magic trick application.
Once you install it on your phone, you are ready to amaze anytime, anywhere!

With hundreds of feedbacks gathered all around the world, we are glad to announce exciting new features and improvements for you!
Find out what’s new in version 1.1 at the end of the following app description.

The trick goes like this:
•    NUMERALIA app is launched.
•    A spectator will enter his birthday date (Day/Month) and his phone number.
•    Then he mixes the 6 last digits of his phone number.
At this moment, the screen displays the mixed up phone number only.
•    You get the phone back and put the phone number in the correct order!
•    You turn off the phone screen and finish by revealing the spectator’s astrological sign and birthday date!

Please note:
•    To perform successfully, you need nothing else but the app (no extra electronic device, no stooges and no questions asked).
•    When you handle the phone, the spectator can stare at the screen the whole time
•    Do it with complete strangers.
•    Works with all phone numbers from all countries.

The best part: All phone numbers (and birthday dates) stay stored inside the app, so you can retrieve them later and send a “Happy Birthday” message to your new friends.

To master the trick, crystal clear explanations are available within the app in text and video version.
The app works in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish).

Imagine this: You ask your neighbor at a dinner table if she (or he) is willing to participate in a quick and fun experiment.
The “experiment” uses numbers, but not ANY numbers: PERSONAL numbers, like a phone number and a birthday date.
You launch the NUMERALIA app, give your phone to the “spectator” and turn completely away (so you can’t peek at your phone).
The spectator enters his birthday date and his phone number, then mixes the last 6 digits of his phone number.
You turn back, get your phone back and rearrange the 6 digits in the correct order, making sure the phone screen never leaves the spectator’s eyesight.
Finally, you put the phone back to your pocket and proceed with revealing the spectator’s astrological sign and birthday date for your big finish!

Here’s what’s new for you in version 1.1:
- Access to the secret and recorded phone numbers is now password protected!
- You can now delete any recorded phone number or birthday date you want!
- The looping sound in the menu lasts now a few seconds only.


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